Free and open to the public DIRECTIONS

Films at 7:30 - Reception with filmmakers at 6:30

Films at 7:30

Reception with filmmakers at 6:30

Free and open
to the public

Free and open to the public


Thursday Nov 16th

Stories of Loss and Survivance

threads of survivance

(2017, Luana Ross and Daniel Hart)

The film is a portrait of Marita Growing Thunder, who in response to missing and murdered Indigenous women began creating traditional dresses each evening and wearing them to high school during her senior year. Over the course of one year, she created more than 160 dresses to honor these women, their lives, and their communities. Marita Growing Thunder will be in attendance, and some of her honor dresses will be on display.


(2017, Anna Hoover, Jerri Thrasher, Johannes Lynge, and Pipaluk Jørgensen)

A sister sets out into the unforgiving land to find her sister, who has been banished from their community for negligence that ended tragically. The Last Walk is a series of three short fiction films from the Arctic Film Circle project, which brings together circumpolar Indigenous filmmakers to tell stories that highlight the common experiences of Indigenous peoples and reflects each filmmaker's specific home region. Filmmaker Anna Hoover will be in attendance.

Friday Nov 17th

Stories of Indigenous Land and Resistance


(2016, Angelo Baca)

The area Shásh Jaa’ (Bears Ears) in Utah is considered sacred ancestral lands for local Native tribes. This film documents Angelo Baca and his grandmother and their efforts to convince the U.S. government to make Bears Ears a designated National Monument. Angelo Baca will be in attendance to lead a discussion about recent threats to these sacred lands.


(2017, Ramon Resendiz)

In 2005 the U.S. Congress began enacting legislation for the purposes of building a physical fence along the U.S./Mexico border. This film foregrounds the shaping of the landscape by the resistance of its original inhabitants, the Lipan Apache/Nde’, who have lived, and continue to live, on their traditional land despite all efforts to dispossess them of it. Ramon Resendiz will be in attendance to help lead a discussion about the film, and recent U.S. efforts to build an even more invasive wall and steal Indigenous homelands.

BOTH EVENINGS beginning at 6:30



(2017, Rafael/a “Kūwago” Luna-Pizano)

Through an art installation and performance, Kūwago offers a cross-dimensional ritual of storytelling that seeks to open direct dialogue with our two-spirit/ed ancestors. Through movement, breath, word and light, Kūwago uplifts body as land, land as home and home as ancestral knowledge. Flexing his trans* rage in the service of past and future generations, Kūwago contributes his pasos y cantos to the trail of two-spirit/ed creators.